ecommerce website design

Ecommerce website design?

An ecommerce website has a different set of goals for a marketing website and thus there are dedicated ecommerce platforms that prioritize the necessary functionality. WordPress, Joomla and other popular CMS systems also have e-commerce add-ons that provide basic shopping functionality, but this is not the main feature of these CMS systems and as such, they do not always provide an ideal platform. The right tool for the right job is important here

This is a more complex issue and somewhat beyond the scope of this document, however, we will outline some more common platforms for 2017 and beyond and when appropriate. When it comes to e-commerce, choosing the right platform is crucial to your success, so educate yourself before you dive in. Always happy to help if you have any questions, click here to get in touch.


Shopify is cloud-based, easy to operate, secure and affordable. In most cases our favorite eCommerce CMS at

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is another cloud based system. Not as flexible as Shopify from a design standpoint.

U Commerce

U Commerce is a bolt-on for WordPress. We are not very interested in this because it requires a lot of resources and it is not what WordPress was created for. It said it could be done well but requires careful hands.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy of Magento eCommerce System. Extremely flexible. Can be expensive. Requires a lot of maintenance.

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