News websites can be intriguing to examine from a design perspective. Regardless of what type of news they cover, they all face the challenge of displaying a huge amount of content on the home page, which creates plenty of layout, usability and navigational challenges for the designer.

The lessons that can be learned from examining how news websites address these challenges can be valuable for designers who work with other types of websites, including ones with blog theme designs.

An effective website—one that consistently produces measurable results—is often the online front door of an institution. It’s usually the first point of encounter for patients, prospective patients, families and friends. The challenge is to build a “front door” that is welcoming, engaging, interesting and most of all provides answers for visitor questions about your facility, service lines and physicians. And that’s not an easy task.

In fact, online marketing that profitably attracts patients from the Internet relies on a carefully crafted plan with a professionally designed website as its cornerstone. To transform your hospital website into a top performer, consult this list of important tips: