From hotels to travel blogs to gorgeous destinations, these websites are designed to make you want to book your trip. Video and gorgeous photography are common elements used that seems to work well. All travel & tourism websites should strive for this level of quality.
Travel takes a lot of preparation, which means most people are turning to the web to make informed decisions about where and how to travel. Let’s seize the opportunity and connect with potential travelers as they dream and plan, while also providing straightforward functionality and content when booking and exploring across devices and channels.

Whether you’re on a collaborative tourism board or are simply a business that relies on guests from out of town, there’s no template or one-size-fits-all solution for your unique needs. In fact, the majority of travelers admit to searching for the most relevant information regardless of the travel company providing the content—that it is to say, they’re more loyal to their own needs than to any particular brand.

This means that, as a destination marketer, you have to earn (and re-earn) your audience’s consideration at every stage of the buying cycle and on every device. Gravitate understands the needs of travel marketers and identifies key touchpoints throughout the cycle, connects trip planners to the answers they’re searching for, and ultimately, highlights your destination in the best possible light.