Types of websites pdf? Types of website design

Types of websites pdf? Types of website design

Website type
Let’s take a look at three main different types of websites.

Static website
A static site is a lot like a brochure. It is made by web developers and very little in the way of interactivity. You do not have the ability to add or edit your content without the valuable help of your web developer.

It may be a relatively inexpensive site, but in the long run it will either become obsolete or carry long running costs. In 2017 this is a very old method and while there are security benefits to not using a content management system, it will not meet the needs of most businesses.

Dynamic website
A dynamic website is a more complex topic and the content of the site is usually in a database. A series of web scripts match the information in the database to which the pages are requested. This method is custom pages, a set of search results, for example, where the content is dynamically created based on the user’s search criteria.

When visiting a site for your business a dynamic website will usually provide a set of personal pages that can be used by non-technical users to manage the site. Functionality will include adding news, pages, editing existing pages, and updating and managing content on the site in general.

Hosted solution
There are many hosted solutions out there that allow you to create a site using online tools. Sites like Squarespace.com and WordPress.com allow you to create a simple business / blog site using online tools. Sites like Volusion.com and Shopify.com allow the creation of online stores. Hosted solutions work well for businesses that want to self-manage and avoid any technical exposure, but they provide a narrow alternative that eliminates them for many projects.

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